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Email: Non-Profit name, Tax ID, and team captain name to

On the first Saturday of August, local Salt Lake companies will donate $1,000 to a non-profit organization. Will it be yours?

Read on to find out how your non-profit can win!

But first, look at the right side bar. The companies listed there are the sponsors of the "Stalk Lake City Scavenger Hunt," held August 7, 2010. Please check out these great local companies that are making this event possible.

As for the event: picture the Amazing Race. It's kind of like that.

The "Stalk Lake Scavenger Hunt" begins in Liberty Park in Salt Lake and ends in the Farmer's Market in Pioneer Park by the Gateway. Each team captain gets a list of clues leading to clue cards stashed at local businesses en route to Pioneer Park. The first team to collect 10 clue cards from participating local businesses between those two locations and find the finish line wins!

In addition to a Team Captain, every team needs a FINISHER. This is the only team member required to run from the start line to the finish line where they must cross with the 10 clue cards--one of which they will collect themselves to learn where the finish line is in Pioneer Park.

That's the short version, but the rules are as follows:

* One team per non-profit
* Teams can be any size
* Teams must represent legitimate non-profits
* Non-profit MUST be capable of receiving credit card contributions
* No cars or other forms of transportation allowed besides the feet attached to your body
* Phones, Internet, and other information gathering devices totally ARE allowed
* All participants must be 16 or older. Have everyone younger meet you at the finish line
* Between the two parks, each team has to collect 10 cards from different categories by solving clues
* First team across the finish line wins $1,000 for their non-profit/charity
* Second team across gets $100 for their non-profit from Barnes & Noble
* Obey all laws, don't cross on greens, jaywalk, or otherwise set yourself up for a bad day
* You CAN scheme, be proactive, place people strategically around the city before the race begins or do anything you can do on foot
* No, not all team members need to be there. You can have a team member helping you online from Boston if you like :)

Sponsoring teams will each send a check to the winning team's non-profit organization in the week following the event. And to help ensure your team wins, it would be wise to understand who the organizer is: Sheralyn Pratt.

Sheralyn is the local author of the Rhea Jensen series. In Book 2, "Welcome to Stalk Lake City," private investigator Rhea Jensen moves to Utah from her home in Los Angeles. Both athletic and intelligent, Rhea has a knack for getting to the bottom of whatever case is thrown her way--athleticism, intelligence and familiarity with Salt Lake will thus be great tools in winning the "Stalk Lake Scavenger Hunt." Sheralyn will drop clues on her blog and on Twitter (@sheralynpratt) starting in July to help those teams that are feeling a little proactive get a head start on questions that will be posed on August 7th.

Wise teams might keep their eyes open for potential clues in these areas in advance, but all teams are also welcome to look them up the day of (and possibly lose time doing so). To stay in the know, join the Facebook Event page.

Sign up starts now, so sign your team up by emailing Sheralyn at Include Non-Profit you're competing for, its Tax ID number and the team captain's contact information.

Best of luck!

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