About the Sponsors

Cedar Fort: Publisher of 120 books annually, Cedar Fort is proud bring books that make a difference to the market place through inspirational, fiction, and non-fiction titles. Cedar Fort is the publisher of many bestselling titles, including: Shattered Silence (featured on Oprah), 101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes, Agent Bishop, and more!

Barnes & Noble: This national chain has developed a vested interest in the success of authors. So while Barnes & Noble has a national presence, its Utah stores make a concerted effort to represent local authors in their bookstores and create memorable community events and charitable book fairs. For more information on how these programs work, contact your local store's Community Relations Manager.

Alexander's Print Advantage: For over 30 years, Alexander's has been bring projects to life for individuals and businesses anywhere. Currently specializing in short-run printing, whether you need books, store signage, or a car wrap, Alexander's is the perfect place for your businesss!

CDI Media: The chances of you having a CD or DVD produced at CDI Media in your home are very high. For over 25 years, CDI has helped businesses, production companies and individuals bring their product to market. With a reputation of high quality and impeccable standards, CDI Media should be one of your first stops for CD and DVD replication needs.

AFM Vocal Studio: Anjie Mickelsen is an award-winning, Level 5 SLS voice instructor. In her 12 years of teaching, she has coached hundreds of singers into freeing their voice and singing with ease, as evidenced in one former student, David Archuletta. Anjie is offering a FREE initial lesson to anyone who mentions "Stalk Lake City," so if you want to improve your voice, give her a call at 801-571-0508.

Whole Body Connection: With both Thai and Swedish massage, Melissa Jackson is a miracle worker when it comes to massage. All new clients mentioning Stalk Lake will receive 25% off their first massage when they ask, so call now! She is absolutely worth every penny... and if you haven't had a Thai massage, treat yourself to this fully-clothed massage by calling 801-913-1423.

LOTUS: Located in its new location by IKEA, LOTUS is one of the Salt Lake Valley's premiere "New Age" stores. With everything from angels to zen, it the perfect stop for crystals, rocks, fine art, books and other great products!

Find & Rent: The PERFECT stop for landlords and renters alike. Find & Rent is the only FREE full-service rental finding agency that drives you to view the locations. Landlords find qualifying renters and renters find the perfect home. It's really that easy! Next time you're thinking of renting, visit Find & Rent and let them introduce you to the prime locations in Utah.

The Score: The Score is a promotion and marketing company dedicated to providing Radio Stations and Sports Teams the latest CD, DVD, and theatrical releases from some of the largest bands, labels, and studios in the country. They are also proud to produce and syndicate special radio programming as well as provide promotion ideas and support to teams and leagues throughout the US. Check them out!

Sheralyn Pratt: Sheralyn is a graduate from the U of U and author of the Rhea Jensen series. The first 4 books of this series will all be released in 2010. "City of Angels" releases in June, "Welcome to Stalk Lake City" in August, "City Limits" in October, and "Kay'sVille" in December. Before she started writing, Sheralyn was a karate instructor and enjoyed various jobs in the tourism industry. Find out more about her on her website.