How do I enter a team?

Email Sheralyn Pratt at author (dot) pratt (at) gmail (dot) com with your non-profit's name, url, and Tax ID Number so it can be posted as an official cause.

Is this open to all non-profits?

Yes, this is open to all legitimate non-profits that accept credit card contributions.

Is there any limit on size of teams?

No. None. Have as many or as few as you like. But remember, if you have 100 people on  your team, that means organizing 100 people.

Does the entire team have to be at the start and finish line?

No. This is a potentially important clue to winning--although keep in mind that Barnes & Noble will be awarding a $100 Spirit Award based on the non-profit team that makes the best showing for their cause (which means you want a good showing at the starting line to win that). But technically, ONLY TWO team members have to be at the start line:

The Team Captain
The Finisher

The "Finisher" is the only one who technically HAS to cover the entire distance from Liberty Park to Pioneer Park, and they must do so on foot. So it would be smart to recruit a runner to your team.

Should we dress up for our cause?

Absolutely! This is a great time to let everyone know about your cause, including media all and everyone at the Farmer's Market that morning. Barnes & Noble is giving $100 to the non-profit that visually stimulates their interest, so have at it!!

What time does it start?

9:00 AM on August 7th at the northeast corner of Liberty Park.